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New Delhi: Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE has issued a notice to all the affiliated schools, asking them to ensure that no homework policy was implemented diligently for Classes I and II. As per the notice sent to all CBSE schools on August 13, the board has asked schools to ensure that the NCERT regulations which govern the curriculum of CBSE schools for Classes I to VIII on light bag and no homework rule for Class 1 and 2 is implemented.

The circular comes after the notice of Madras HC to CBSE, asking it to ensure that the advisories sent out by the board is effectively implemented. Furthermore, the Madras HC yesterday ordered CBSE to publicise the no homework rule in media, so as to educate and inform the parents regarding the advisory.


S.G.D. Modern Schol has been striving to impart education to the masses since 1993. This school,right from its foundation in 1993 as S.G.D. Modern School wanted to develop in such a manner that its way of functioning eduction system would be unique and more Productive than other schools. In this spirit,S.G.D Modern School became the first school in this entire area to introduce Computer Education as a compulsory subject in the School. It was much later that other schools followed it. More Importantly S.G.D Modern School is the ONLY C.B.S.E affiliated 10+2 school outside the city of Dhanbad in our district. S.G.D Modern School is the member of SAHODAYA SCHOOLS COMPLEX , Dhanbad which is a composite body of all CBSE affiliated schools in the District of Dhanbad.

The system of education is based on the National Syllabus as per the Guidelines of N.C.E.R.T


All Examinations conducted in the school are in accordance with the Bye Laws of Examinations of the Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE ) Delhi. Classes IX , X , XI and XII follow the structure and syllabus as accorded by the C.B.S.E. every year. The Kindergarten section has many introductory subjects aimed at exploring the child’s potential. The tiny – tots are laughs in the play war method so that their attention can be restored in studies. The Main subjects start from Class I and students are examined in Formative and Summative Assessments in Subjects like English Language, English Literature , Mathematics, Science Social Studies , GK and 2nd Language. Compulsory Computer Education is introduced in Class III . In Class VI a third language subject is added to the curriculum. Students opt for the subject Bengali or Hindi as a third Language. Innovations in CCE in S.G.D. Modern School As the summative Assignments are defined as written pen and paper examinations the true spirit of continuous and comprehensive evaluation rested with the formative Assessments,in four states.These formative assessments needed to be interesting , hands on experience, informative and simple fun. So that children could enjoy the art of learning by doing . The Purpose was to transform pure academics to play way experience without diluting the importance of the assessment. Therefore in S G D Modern School we decided to prepare children in an amalgamation of hands on experience in the form of activity and assignments based on the prescribed syllabus along with a simple pen and paper assessment to evaluate the learning done in the classroom. As per CBSE guidelines , our school has introduced CCE ( Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation ) in this session. Total examination system is divided into six different parts.Formative – 1,Formative – 2 , Summative- 1 . Formative-3 , Formative-4 , Summative-2 . Each Formative Examination is having 10 marks annual value and Summative-1 is having 30% annual value and Summative-2 is having 30% annual value. Our school has introduced various types of co scholastic activities like sports , yoga etc. The Examination System has been designed in such a way that a student is evaluated throughout the session. It reduces the pressure from a student. After all students are our main factor for Teaching learning experience. Since education is concerned with the total all round development of the child , ( physical Social , Emotional , Intellectual etc. ) all aspects of the Child’s development need to be assessed. At this moment we not only assess examination results, we also assess efforts , performances , attitudes to learning and ability to practically apply what is learned in everyday situation. Life skills have annual gainated in the assessment process in a very effective manner.


REGULAR Boys : Navy Blue Shorts or trousers, White Shirts with Monogram, Belts,Tie,Black Socks,Black Shoes.

Girls : Navy Blue Skirts , White Blouses with Monogram, Belts, Tie, Black Socks, Black Shoes. White Salwar & Kamij with blue Polka Dots (For XI & XII).

SPORTS DAY Boys : White Shorts or trousers, White Shirts with Monogram, Belts,Tie,or School T-Shirts, White Socks, White Keds.

Girls : White Skirts or trousers, White Blouses with Monogram, Belts, Tie,or School T-Shirts, White Socks, White Keds. White Salwar & Kamij (For XI & XII). Winter: Navy Blue Sweater or Blazer


S.G.D. Modern School is pioneer in transforming lives through education since 1993.

Principal: Mr Zubin Bose, founder principal was appointed as CBSE Dy City Coordinator, South Jharkhand districts of Dhanbad, Jamtara, Dumka with independent charge of Districts of Latehar, Simdega, Lohardaga, Garhwa&Palamu

CBSE: The Result of AISSCE & AISSE 2019 was declared in the last week of May. S.G.D. Modern School continues to enjoy high level of success through the academic achievement of the students. The CBSE Department successfully conducted the CBSE Board Examinations of AISSE and AISSSCE 2019.

Cultural Programmes: Session 2019-2020 commenced with the colourful organisation of Summer Camp for children – A platform for personality development with adventure, fun, learning, non-fire cooking & aesthetic activities. The National Days, e.g. Independence Day was observed with much fervour and respect with a variety of cultural programmes.

Olympiads: Throughout the session the Olympiad core team conduct Science, Mathematics, English & General knowledge & Computer Olympiad examinations. A great number of students from all classes enrolled their names.

Teaching Faculty: The teachers continue imparting quality education to the students with the help of all modern technologies and regularly update themselves with modern technique of teaching. Classroom teaching is effectively enhanced by the smart classes which are a combination smart boards and white boards.

APPS: The introduction of Mobile Apps is very useful for imparting information to parents. It has enhanced Parent Communication.

S.G.D. Modern School is ahead of all Educational Institutions in the district of Dhanbad in imparting quality education.

• School Development: Development in school academics is marked by the introduction of Humanities in the plus 2 section.
• Library: The library received a donation from the principalof numerous story books to enhance and inculcate reading habits among students.
• Smart boards
• Academics: The Term1 ended successfully and October marked the beginning of Term 2.Preparations for Pre Board 1 and Subject Enrichment 2 are in full swing.

Vision & Mission

Our vision has primarily been imparting of quality English Medium CBSE education to first generation learners in this remote area bordering Jharkhand and West Bengal. It has been our mission to equip young learners with computer based smart classes with all the trappings of modern education in a co educational set up exposing children to the best of modern education yet tempering them in traditional values and holistic development. Our Mission is one of nurturing gifted professionals who will be rooted to the cultural values of our great nation.